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Why us
choose ?

We support our clients in all phases of software development. Starting from gathering requirements and design, through implementation, testing and validation, production up to maintenance and management of developments, we intervene with our consultants at all levels and when the client has need support to achieve their objectives with maximum quality.

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Our Credo

We take care of our employees so that they take care of our customers, we have always believed that if you do not take care of your employees, they will be less motivated to take care of your customers. Their performance and therefore that of the company will not be up to par.
By adopting caring management and offering our employees missions adapted to their talents, we enable them to find meaning in their work and to be more invested.

Our approach
“Customer Centric”

We work with the aim of winning the loyalty of our customers and acquiring a reputation for excellence. In order to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between us and our customers, our sales and technical teams are always accessible, welcoming and attentive.

Our rare pearls!

Our consultants come from varied backgrounds and have real technical and technological expertise around the following areas of expertise:
Microsoft, Open Source, Testing & Recipe, Big Data & Data Science, Software Edition.
They have the capacity to make strong commitments in all areas and are committed to supporting clients in the success of their digital transformation by offering them value-creating services and solutions.

We see further than
the tip of our nose!

We strongly believe in long-term relationships and the success that these types of relationships generate. If our employee joins your structure on a mission, rest assured that he or she will achieve the objectives you are aiming for within the requested deadlines and at the desired quality. This is because he believes deep down that this kind of achievement will always guarantee the establishment of a long-term relationship between CleverTech and the client. And that’s what we’re looking for!


You have questions ?

If you are a client seeking support for your digital projects or a talent in search of a new opportunity, we would be delighted to hear from you and engage in a discussion to address your needs.
Feel free to contact us; our team is ready to assist with your request!

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