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Areas of expertise

Clevertech ensures to cover all cutting-edge technologies to meet the needs of various clients. Whether it's Front-end development, Back-end development, database, AI, or Cloud, our consultants can provide valuable assistance for all your software projects

We provide consulting services to our clients, covering various expertise areas organized by subsidiaries

We provide consulting services to our clients, covering various expertise areas organized by subsidiaries


The Microsoft .Net architecture has established itself as one of the essential platforms for developing business applications with high functional complexity. Our consultants have real expertise in various versions of the .Net Framework, associated languages such as C#, VB.Net, XAML, and provide advice on ASP.Net technologies (MVC, Web API Rest, WebForms), WCF, LINQ, Entity Framework, etc.

Open Source

CleverTech brings together and provides its clients with highly skilled Open Source expertise in the field of information technology. We offer our expertise in the most commonly used Open Source development technologies such as Java/JEE, PHP, Symfony, Python, React, Angular, Zend, Laravel, etc.


L’architecture Microsoft .Net s’est imposée comme l'une des plateformes incontournables pour la réalisation des applications métiers à forte complexité fonctionnelle. Nos consultants disposent d’une réelle expertise sur les différentes versions du Framework .Net, les langages associés, C#, VB.Net, XAML et vous offrent du conseil sur les technologies ASP.Net (MVC, Web API Rest, WebForms), WCF, LINQ, Entity Framework, etc.

Big Data, Data Science & BI

In the era of Big Data and Data Science, data is now considered the gold of tomorrow. Our big data engineers, data engineers, and data scientists apply all their expertise to address your challenges related to large volumes of data: collection, storage, real-time analysis, dissemination, and visualization of massive data, etc., in order to adopt optimal data governance.

Test & Validation

Software qualification is essential to ensure the quality, security, and reliability of software, and to minimize the risks of malfunction or failure. Our software testing and validation service is designed to ensure the quality and compliance of your software through rigorous testing and excellence in qualification processes based on the ISTQB software testing standards.


DevOps, Sysops & administration system 

We implement software development practices that involve close collaboration between development teams and operations teams to ensure the rapid and continuous delivery of software, while also managing the maintenance, availability, and security of computer systems.

Do you have any questions?

If you are a client seeking support for your digital projects or a talent in search of a new opportunity, we would be delighted to hear from you and engage in a discussion to address your needs.
Feel free to contact us; our team is ready to assist with your request!

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