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Since 2016, CleverTech has brought together a large team of employees who support our major account clients in their digitalization projects.

Bank and insurance

Our consultants possess the knowledge and technological expertise to meet the needs of our clients in the banking and insurance sectors in the following business areas:

 Banking: Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Asset Management, etc.

Insurance: Savings, Life and Health Insurance, Credit Insurance, etc.


CleverTech supports clients in the transportation and logistics sector in their innovation and digital transformation programs.

Our consultants handle projects addressing key challenges in the transportation sector, such as predictive maintenance, improving user experience in stations and airports, optimization of delay management, etc.


The Energy sector is undergoing a significant transformation: Electricity, Oil, Gas, or Water, the market is facing new challenges. Today's leaders must reinvent their companies to ensure transformation, development, and adaptation.

This is where we come in, enabling companies to transform digital disruptions into solutions to stay ahead of their competitors

Telecom & Media

In a hyper-connected environment, telecom and multimedia are intrinsically linked. Convergence is a new challenge for the major players in these sectors. Content of all types is at the heart of consumer expectations, and requires the adaptation and deployment of innovative technological means to meet this new demand.

Public sector


The management of the relationship with users is becoming a major axis of transformation whose challenge is twofold: to increase their satisfaction and control costs in a context of pressure on public spending.
We support public bodies and associations to define their transformation strategy and implement their modernization projects.


All players in the retail sector are moving towards a 360° vision in terms of customer relations. They use a large number of data sources to deepen their knowledge of their customers. CleverTech is involved in the exploitation of data and the redesign of customer loyalty systems in order to know purchasing behavior and preferences on social networks, etc.

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Industry 4.0: a strong concept which designates the digital transformation of industry and its companies which are experiencing their fourth industrial revolution. Digital innovation is shaking up the industrial sector by integrating itself into production factories, into business processes but also into product and service offerings.


The health sector is strongly impacted by the digital transformation, between digitization of the care pathway, dematerialization of the patient file, convergence and interoperability of the IS and data security. Digitization is a challenge that the health sector must take up to gain in innovation.


The Defense sector is experiencing exponential growth. It is a strategic sector that requires advanced skills. Our consultants support our clients who are manufacturers and defense equipment manufacturers in the context of projects with strong regulatory and/or operational constraints.

Do you have any questions?

If you are a client seeking support for your digital projects or a talent in search of a new opportunity, we would be delighted to hear from you and engage in a discussion to address your needs.
Feel free to contact us; our team is ready to assist with your request!

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