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Who are we

Clevertech is a new technology consulting company and software publisher. Focused on the entire software development cycle, Clevertech works with its clients to support them in the implementation and testing stages and covers all cutting-edge technologies.

CleverTech was founded in 2012

Clevertech is in continuous evolution with always ambitious objectives, solid relationships with collaborators and innovative projects with clients and partners.




Our mission is to help businesses accelerate the adoption of new technologies, solve the complex problems that always emerge as digital evolves, and continually orchestrate innovation.

With extensive experience in IT consulting, our team of engineers supports you in bringing your ideas and projects to fruition.

We place enormous importance on our customer feedback! Because our desire is, above all, to best meet all their expectations and gain their trust in order to envisage a healthy, human and lasting collaboration.

Do you have any questions?

If you are a client seeking support for your digital projects or a talent in search of a new opportunity, we would be delighted to hear from you and engage in a discussion to address your needs.
Feel free to contact us; our team is ready to assist with your request!

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